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The Victoria Memorial Hall

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Victoria Memorial Hall can be seen rising majestically through the smog, a monument to colonialism that has endured where many haven’t. Built in memory of Queen Victoria, Empress of India, in the early twentieth century by Sir William Emerson, it’s a perfect example of Indo-gothic architecture, incorporating Mughal elements, and filled with Victorian memorabilia, British Raj paintings, and hundreds of other curiosities. It’s surrounded by 64 acres of immaculately kept gardens, and it would be easy to spend a whole afternoon immersed in its splendour.

This is Kolkata’s vast green space inhabited by goats and their herders, cows, cricketers, footballers, horse riders, hawkers, picnickers, and all manner of other street life – this was evidently where every man, woman and child in Kolkata came to escape the hectic streets.

This monument is closed on all Mondays of the year.