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KOLKATA- The city of Joy

This is a private day tour service run by Travel Bureau India, an inbound tour operator approved by the Department of Tourism, Government of India. We expertise in providing packages for sight seeing tours that include transport facilities, specialized guides (all languages) and accommodation arrangements.

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From three swampy villages on the Ganges delta, bought by the East India Company in the seventeenth century, Kolkata (known then, of course, as Calcutta) grew to become the first capital of British India 100 years later.

It was from here that the British ruled a large part of South East Asia for two centuries. Following in their footsteps, the Bengali aristocracy and middle class came to settle in the then-wealthy, now-crumbling neighborhoods of north Kolkata.

Armenians came too, as did Jews and Chinese. And, from the other end of India, Mawaris from Rajasthan migrated and made it their home. All left their imprint and legacy, which in turn contribute to Kolkata’s thrilling cultural blend.

Kolkata is loud; in addition to the incessant honking of trucks, buses, cars, trams, bikes and rickshaws was the jangly Indian pop music blaring from every radio, clanging church bells marking the hour, in competition with various calls to prayer, plus the cawing of the ever-present black crows and constant hassling cries of hustlers, traders and rickshaw drivers.

But that’s Kolkata……once you have got the hang of it, it’s very difficult to stop because, in the process, you are making friends, showing your appreciation, gently humbled and having the time of your life.

The city is all about it’s people, and boy we have a lot of them! 16 million…..a mix of various classes, castes, creeds, cultures and religions all haphazardly thrown together. And yet what emerges from this hotchpotch is the most masterful soufflé you might ever have the pleasure of tasting.

The blend of rural and urban, parties and festivals, colours, lights, sounds, smells and tastes all combined with an insatiable thirst for life makes a magnificently muddled Kolkata one of the most unique cities you will ever set foot into.